Why Tierra Celta?


Thousands of years ago during the iron-age a culture based on the mining and trade in salt and iron-ore developed in my place of birth in the Austrian Alps in the region of Hallstatt. These so called Celts (from “Keltoi” by the ancient Greeks) where either assimilated into new arriving tribes from North-Eastern Europe or   pushed westwards (small groups also to the South-East to Anatolia) by the new emerging power in the South , the Roman Empire that laid claim to their lands and called it the province of Noricum.

After generations the remaining “true” Celts finally reached the outskirts of the then known world before being pushed west-and northwards again by invading Germanic tribes ( Angles and Saxons) into Ireland , Scotland , Wales and Cornwall. Other Celtic mainland groups finally established themselves in the Bretagne (North-Western France) and of course in Galicia (North-Western Spain) keeping constant contact across the Bay of Biscay and the Irish Sea over centuries.

So to close the circle , us finally reaching Galicia as well and living in harmony with nature and its indefinite cycles we decided to call our venture , products and way of life :